We understand the importance of finding the right job for people with passion, enthusiasm and motivation for success. We provide the highest level of candidate care throughout our entire recruitment process, helping you to interview with confidence, excel at competency-based tests and secure a role with long-term prospects.

Our team is committed to matching your skills and expertise with the right role. To do this we adopt a structured recruitment process that supports you every step of the way. Once you have submitted your CV and application for a role, you will be entered into our structured and interactive recruitment process.

  • Your CV will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will be contacted by a recruitment consultant to arrange an interview or provide feedback.
  • If you have been successful, a telephone interview will be arranged, during which you will have the opportunity to elaborate on your skills and experience. Questions will be asked to determine your suitability to the job vacancy.
  • Should you be invited to attend a face-to-face interview, you will be asked to complete a selection of verbal, numerical and psychometric assessments.
  • We will provide comprehensive feedback regarding the results of your assessments and, if you have successfully achieved the required pass rate, a face-to-face interview will be scheduled.
  • Depending on the requirements for the role, you may be required to attend a number of interviews with key personnel within the company.
  • The decision to offer you the role will be made within 48 hours of your last interview. Please browse our latest vacancies and learn how to improve your CV and interview techniques to ensure the best possible chance of securing your ideal role.

Please browse our latest vacancies and learn how to improve your CV and interview techniques to ensure the best possible chance of securing your ideal role.

Interview Advice

Competency interviews are also known as skills-based, behavioural or structured interviews and work on the principle that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. The interviewer will be seeking examples of past behaviour that provide concrete evidence that you have the necessary competencies to succeed in the role.

What happens in a situational interview?
The interviewer will ask a series of questions to which you will be required to support your answers with examples of previous experience or acquired skills relevant to the role. When you have answered these questions, the interviewer may prompt you for further information. When you have exhausted one topic, the interviewer will move on to the next, leaving little opportunity for discussion. At the end of the interview there may be an opportunity to ask your own questions. This format may seem rigid, unnatural and unfriendly to many candidates but as well as providing evidence of competencies relevant to the role, it is also seen as a fair and equitable method of selection since all candidates are asked exactly the same questions.
In which competencies will the interviewer be most interested?
Required competencies will vary according to the role but interviewers are interested in your capacity to communicate, negotiate, persuade and plan effectively. You will also be required to demonstrate your ability when working as part of a team, whether you possess strong decision marking and problem solving skills, and can thrive under pressure.
What is the best way to prepare for a situational interview?
Always read the employer’s brochure and job description, noting the key skills and competencies required. Note down any examples of when you have put these competencies into practice. Relevant examples could relate to your time in a previous role, university, clubs and societies, voluntary work, travel or personal experiences. Compose a paragraph for each example, outlining the situation, how you approached it and the outcome. The STAR format should help you structure these examples effectively:

Situation: What was the situation in which you found yourself?
Task: What was the specific task you had to achieve?
Action: What action did you take?
Result: What was the outcome of your actions? You should focus on what you did, even if the situation involved a group of people.

Interviewers will want to know about the specific role you adopted to achieve the desired results. Select the examples you believe best illustrate a required competency. These may be the ones that you choose to use on the application form or will be the first examples you give in answer to the interview questions. Do not forget your other examples, as interviewers may probe for more evidence relating to a specific competency.

What if I can’t think of suitable examples?
Your answers do not have to be elaborate: organising a week of independent travel in Scotland is as valid an example as a trek through the Himalayas. Being open and honest in your examples will prove whether you are right for the job. If you really can’t think of any examples, consider how vital that competence is to the employer. For example, if leadership is a key factor and you have no experience at all, perhaps this isn’t the role for you. However, if there is only one area that is seemingly problematic, you may have a chance of a placement if you are strong in other areas.


CV Tips

Your CV is your first opportunity to impress a potential employer and to secure an interview. A well-presented CV should convince an employer that you have the skills and experience necessary to be successful in this specific role. You do not have much time to impress with your CV, research shows that employers scan over rather than read through CVs. You can follow these basic tips to ensure your CV provides the best possible opportunity to impress.

  • Present your CV clearly and succinctly. Fancy fonts and elaborate styles can detract from the content
  • Be honest and don’t be afraid to highlight your achievements
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms that other people might not understand
  • Include a brief synopsis of your previous employment
  • Include your name, full address, contact telephone numbers and email address
  • List both academic and non-academic qualifications in chronological order with relevant details
  • Begin your employment history with your more recent job, including your responsibilities, duration of employment and reasons for leaving
  • Do not omit any period of employment for whatever reason as this will certainly come out during an interview and might become problematic
  • Do not generalise on personal interests: lists of hobbies do not tell a prospective employer anywhere near enough about you. Detail what you do and what you have achieved in one or two particular fields

Before submitting your CV, ensure you check it thoroughly to ensure it accurately represents you and your skills, is relevant to the role and will encourage the employer to contact you.

Candidate Testimonials

Having been in the fortunate position of taking some time off after my last Head of HR role, I was looking for a senior HR role in an organization that would be a good fit to my skills and values. I reached out to MBA when I saw their advert for the role and Matt was extremely insightful about the business and easily able to articulate both business strategy and culture. This was really important to me as I wasn’t looking for just any HR role, but one that would allow me to be influential and continue to grow my experience in an organization that wants to be progressive. Matt has a refreshingly honest delivery style and whilst always professional, ensures he ‘keeps it real’ which enables him to build long and sustained relationships with both candidates and employers. This approach also extends to his team. I am now more than two years into my role which has expanded to include EMEA – testament in itself to having matched me very successfully.

Tracy Travers

Having taken redundancy following fifteen years of employment, the thought of finding a new job was daunting. An account manager from MBA found my CV and contacted me regarding a highly attractive job vacancy. Throughout the entire recruitment process, my account manager was organised, helpful and encouraging. With her support and guidance, I successfully gained the position, which transpired to be a perfect match!

Tina Lyon

You have secured me my dream job, thank you so much! You helped me throughout the process with regular communications and updates. You are a credit to your client and I am very grateful for your support.

Erin Blair

Working with your team is fantastic. From the first time we spoke during my telephone interview, your team made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was able to contact you at a time to suit me and my questions were answered quickly and efficiently. The transition into a new job can be challenging but it has been made so much easier knowing I have your support when I need it.

Tom Isherwood

My account manager at MBA was instrumental in helping me secure my new role. She was extremely professional and helpful throughout the whole recruitment process. I was particularly impressed by the way she promptly replied to my enquiries. I would not hesitate to recommend MBA.

Judith Stringfellow

My account manager was an extremely personable professional who specialised in partnering the right candidate with the right employer. I would have no hesitation in recommending MBA to both employers and job seekers.

Andrew Aldridge

I had recently taken redundancy from a company where I had worked for the last sixteen years. When MBA contacted me regarding a vacancy, I was apprehensive about using an agency but my account manager was diligent, dedicated and professional. I believe she was one of the key factors in helping me gain employment with a multinational corporation.

Rob O'Brien

The recruitment process at Matt Burton Associates is absolutely amazing! The process was simple and the transition from MBA to my current permanent contract was excellent. All the staff at MBA are very helpful, lovely to deal with in all areas. I felt extremely prepared for my new role, I was provided with every detail I required and any further assistance I needed, MBA were only a phone call and email away. Avox is one of the best companies I have worked for, with outstanding opportunities and challenging work. It has a great atmosphere and environment to work in. Trying a new role is always a scary career move but this is the best career move I have ever done! I would definitely recommend MBA, many of my friends have already gone through MBA to work at Avox!

Fern Roscoe