Our clients annual recruitment activity is circa 400 vacancies. One of the key challenges they were experiencing was a high number of unfilled vacancies at any one time, many of these has been left unfilled for a lengthy time period which was having a detrimental impact on business, performance and morale.


Historically our client utilised traditional recruitment agencies for its staffing needs, which led to high costs, poor candidate quality and high attrition rates. In 2009, MBA took over the management of an annual, cyclical campaign for our client, which involved the recruitment of 120 sales and service contact centre advisors in a three month period. This effort has culminated in over 700 new employees across their business. MBA is responsible for the attraction, selection, offer management and retention initiatives that support the company’s recruitment programme.

•         Design & Develop a ‘Best in Class’ Recruitment Service for its business
•         Attract, Engage and Recruit required candidates (All Business Areas)
•         Develop, Manage and Motivate Supply Chain
•         Develop Relationships with Key Stakeholders (All Business Areas)
•         Take responsibility for the coordination and delivery of the recruitment process
•         Deliver the services through clearly documented and efficient processes
•         Ensure compliance with their processes and policies, and financial industry SOX.
•         Deliver a positive experience for all prospective candidates (Successful & Unsuccessful)
•         Strive to improve service quality and drive cost efficiencies for the duration of relationship
•         Provide informative and insightful management information that supports the delivery of the services


•         Frustrated and Disengage Hiring Managers
•         Varied Success and Perceptions of Supply Chain
•         Varied Recruitment Process, Multiple Stages, Inconsistent
•         Little proactive talent management processes in place
•         Salaries were not competitive in marketplace
•         Headcount at business-critical deficit
•         Employee Value Proposition


•         Full Mobilisation of a team of 6 people (Chester & UK Wide)
•         Onsite MBA presence, including Client Relationship Director
•         Board & Management Meeting Presence & Updates
•         Complete re-engineering of the recruitment process
•         Introduction of ATS & Approval Process
•         Re-evaluation of Agencies / Supply Chain
•         Re-invigorated EVP to help attraction and acquisition
•         Introduced referral network
•         Regular Salary Benchmarking & Remuneration Insight
•         Competitor Analysis