On Demand

This model is the closest to a traditional business/recruiter relationship. It flexes and alters according to the recruitment needs. There may be weeks or months when no recruitment takes place and therefore no services are used – then there may be a period of time when dozens of staff need hiring at once. At that stage, the RPP provider operates like a super flexible extension of the organisation’s own in-house team, immediately allocating the appropriate level of resource and getting the job done. What makes this different from a traditional recruitment arrangement?

First, the foundations are far deeper; the RPP provider knows the organisation’s brand and messaging, business goals, culture and the results they need like the back of their hand. As such, no time is wasted on briefing, accuracy rates are far higher, and attrition rates far lower. Second, a contract is already in place, so there is no negotiation on rates and no engagement with cold-calling agencies. As such, it is a lower maintenance and more cost-effective solution than traditional recruitment, ideal for organisations where hiring needs are particularly volatile.

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